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INA & KR Home studio mixing contest : 2nd best mix!

What’s the best way to test a new control room ? A mixing contest of course! This summer, KR home studio and INA offered to mix 24 tracks of an original pop song. Well, my mix got the 2nd place over 400!

My Studio was barely finished and I couldn’t use any hardware, so I had to mix entirely « In the Box » with Reaper and my favorite plugins.

A pop mixing contest is an excellent occasion to make new experiences, I tried  lot’s of things, and particularly stereo effects, I made them all with Module from ToneBoosters. I like very much to add an analog touch to this effect by adding Ferox just after it.

All the dynamic treatments were made with CompressorBusCompressor and Barricade from ToneBoosters.

As I am now Beta tester for  Sir audio tools, all the EQs were made with the StandardEQ.  I like very much to use some soft low cuts (6 ou 12db/oct).

I used Abbey Road Plate Reverb from Wave for the lead vocal, all the other spaces were created with  Sir2, a wonderful convolution reverb.

Here’s my Mix:

You can listen for the winner and get some information about the recordings on the INA Website.