Ingénieur du Son – Musicien – Brest – Bretagne

The Recording Studio

The mobile Studio

Because the acoustic will definitely influence on the sound, the color and the play, I care very much to choose the right environment for each project.

Light, simple and high end, my mobile studio can be quickly setup in any place.

it is possible to work in real studios like Streat ar Skol or  Paranthoën at the Loguellou but I also like very much Breton patrimony like castles, abbeys, chapels, which offer a unique sound signature.

The control room

Made of wood with a very nice acoustic, the mix room is the perfect tool to mix your projects.

Featured with high end converters and amazing hardware, I can mix the analog and the digital world.

I own some vintage keyboards and amps. Fully restored, I play them regularly.

Sound Card and Controller
RME Fireface 802

Apogee Rosetta 200
Apogee Rosetta 800

Dynaudio BM6 A
Dynaudio BM6 P + Ampli C Audio RA-501
Dynaudio BM9 S (Sub)
Yamaha NS10 + Ampli Amcron D75
TC electronic BMC-2
Coleman Audio  M3PH MKII
Presonus HP60 (Six Channels Headphone Amplifier)
6 Casques Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

1 Studer D19 Stéréo Valve
1 Focurite RED 1 Quad Amp
2 X Rack SSL Mic Amp Module
2 Summit 2BA-221
1 Focusrite ISA Two
1 Audient ASP 800
1 Audient ASP 880

2 Summit Audio DCL-200
2 Summit Audio EQF-100
1 AL.SO Hellax Mono Opto Compressor
X Rack SSL : 2 x Mono gate – compressor
X Rack SSL : 2 x Mono EQ
X Rack SSL : 1 x Stereo gate – compressor
X Rack SSL : 1 x Stereo EQ
X Rack SSL : 1 x Bus compressor
Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer DSP 4000

GRM tools
Sir Audio Tools 
Tone Boosters
Wave Abbey Road Reverb Plate
Wave IR-1

1 x AKG D112
1 x AKG D190
1 x AKG D202CS
2 x AKG 414 (matched pair)
2 x BPM CR-95
1 x Beyer M55
2 x Beyer M88
1 x Beyer M260
2 x Brauner Phantom AE (matched pair)
1 x Electrovoice RE20
1 x Neumann U87
2 x Neumann KM184
2 x Oktava MC012
2 x Royer R-101 (matched pair)
2 x Royer R-121
1 x Royer SF-12
2 x Schoeps CMT30F (Modifiés par JM Mallet) + M934c
1 x Schoeps CMT30F (Modifié par JM Mallet)+ MK241c
1 x Schoeps CMT30F (Modifié par JM Mallet) + MK26
1 x Shure 545D
1 x Shure SM57
3 x Shure SM7
1 x Superlux S502

Rhodes Stage73 Mark I
Hammond C3 shopped
Piano Kawai EP 608
Korg MS-10

Jazz Chorus 120
Leslie cabinet 147
Leslie cabinet 3300
Roland Cube 60 Keyboard