Ingénieur du Son – Musicien – Brest – Bretagne


I am a sound engineer, I live in Brest in Brittany.

Trained at the ISB in Brest university, I practice recording, mixing, sound designing and teaching.


 Theatre et Dance

After my beginings at  Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, I worked with many choreographers and directors.

I went on tour with le collectif AOC, Susan Buirge, Bernardo Montet, Emmanuelle Huyn, Benoit Lachambre, Gisèle Vienne, Catherine Diverrès, Jacques Vincet, Declan Donnellan, Pierre Guillois

I regularly work at Le Quartz, a big venue in Brest.


 Recording – Studio mixing – Live mixing

I worked in a creation studio « la muse en circuit » as musical assistant and sound engineer. I now have my own recording studio.

I mostly record and mix Jazz, classical music, improvised music, contemporary music, world music but I like every kind of music.

I performed with many composers and musiciens : Patrick Marcland, Gualtiero Dazzi, Félix Ibarrondo, Marc Monet, Christian Sébille, Jean-Philippe Goude, Jean-Michel Bossini, Mimi Lorenzini, Christophe Rocher, Christofer Burjtrom, Jean-Luc Guillonnet, Erwan Keravec

I collaborated with companies like l’Ensemble Itinéraire, le Concert Impromptu, l’Ircaml’ensemble Sillages, Penn ar Jazz


Sound Design and Real Time

Trained by Hervé Birolini at INA,  I perform composition, real time, sound design, and I specially like multichannel sound.

One of favorite tool is Usine, developed by Olivier Sens.

In 2007, I designed and setup the sound  «le Roc aux Sorciers» with Patrick Marcland.

Recently, I realized the real time treatment for Blind of Erwan Keravec.



Since 2008,  I’m a sessional instructor at the university of Brest.

I teach studio and live mixing at Master Image et Son.



… I use my free time to play Hammond B3

and Rhodes in Jazz or Funk bands.